Finding a Kansas City Pediatrician: Interview with Dr. Lauren Hughes

Kansas City Pediatricians

When you are expecting a baby, there are SO many chores to check off the list that it often feels impossible and overwhelming. I hope this blog serves as a resource for other parents going through the process of finding a pediatrician in Kansas City.

With so many Kansas City pediatricians and practices to choose from, I decided to interview an expert go give new parents some helpful tips. Meet Dr. Hughes.

Dr. Hughes is a board-certified pediatrician, international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), wife, and a mother of three. She is the founder and lead physician of Bloom Pediatrics. She lives in the Kansas City metro with her husband, her son Calvin, and her twins, Nolan and Sloane.

Below are some common questions to consider when looking for a pediatrician, as well as some pro mom/doctor tips!

When in pregnancy should you look for a pediatrician? 
I suggest parents start looking around the 30 weeks mark, with a decision made by 36 weeks. This gives you time to plan before you’re in “baby mode” and plenty of time to interview multiple pediatricians. This is a relationship you’re going to have for the next 2 decades, so it’s an important one to make!

What questions should you ask a potential pediatrician?
Questions to ask your doctor are very individualized. The primary focus is to ensure their values and yours align. The relationship won’t be a good one if you and your doctor have fundamental differences in beliefs and are constantly butting heads. It’s not good for you or your kid!

Other questions would be their typical availability for sick visits and well checks, how soon they schedule out, their after hours policy, if they charge for after hours phone calls, etc.

What qualities would you say are important to look for in a practice or doctor?
Qualities to look for in a doctor and/or practice are also individualized! I always would make sure your child is being seen by a board-certified pediatrician. This ensures your child is being cared for by someone with appropriate training, licensing, and is still continuing their education. Medicine and science are an ever-evolving field and you don’t want your doctor to fall behind on the latest information.

Other things to look for are ease of accessibility to your doctor – can you call, text, email, message your doctor directly? Do you need to go through a nurse line? What is the typical call back time. What are their typical visit lengths? 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes? Or, if they are a direct primary care doc, it will likely be more along the lines of 30-90 minutes. Do they take their time with kids or just jump right into touching them? Your child needs to be comfortable for there to be a good exam.

What are your top newborn essentials?
My top 5 newborn items are: a humidifier, snot sucker of your choosing, sound machine, Sleepea swaddle, and a ginormous water bottle. You will be thirstier than you ever thought possible! If you’re breastfeeding, the My Brest Friend (don’t @ me about the name) pillow is fantastic!

What baby items would you pass on? 
I would pass on SO many baby items! Wipe warmers, pee pee teepees, expensive swaddles/blankets, socks/shoes for newborns, baby walkers, mobiles, forehead thermometers, bath thermometer, bottle warmer, baby food blender, crib bumpers, and bumbo seats just to name a few!!

Anything else you would like to share?
Dr. VanGundy is taking new patients! We do complementary in home visits for all newborns at their first well check and 2 week weight check. We do home visits as requested after that! Our visits are an hour and we are available to our patients 24/7 via text or phone call.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Hughes or Bloom Pediatrics visit

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