5 things to consider when hiring a photographer

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Looking for a photographer can be overwhelming. There are so many styles to choose from and offerings included. It can feel like a job in itself to sort through Google and Instagram! Below find my TOP FIVE tips for hiring a family, newborn, or maternity photographer. Let’s jump into it!

portrait photographer kansas city
  1. Style: Do you tend to gravitate towards lighter/neutral tones or dark, bold, and moody colors? For me, it’s all about the light neutrals! I find that those tones remove excess distraction and allow us to focus more on the connection between your family in a way that stands the test of time.

    Look at the editing style of various photographers and note the differences. Overall, are the photos dark or light? Do the skin tones look natural? Does the photographer have a style that is cohesive between sessions/clients? So you know what to expect, it’s important to find a photographer whose portfolio displays a cohesive style.

    Also, think about the decor in your home. If you plan to hang your portraits on your walls (which you absolutely should do!), they should match the style of your home.

  2. Wardrobe: This is something that is a big stressor for clients. I love taking it off of their plate! If you are looking for help with selecting outfits for your family, and actually having outfits *provided* for everyone, find a photographer with a client wardrobe and styling service! Some photographers will connect you with a wardrobe styling website, which is a more hands-off approach and a bit more work for clients.

    I like to work directly with my clients to best serve them and meet their needs, so I offer wardrobe consults prior to sessions. I create unique style boards to help visualize the full look for the family. A wardrobe consult also allows us to meet and connect prior to your session.

  3. Product Offerings: Some photographers offer just the digital image files, and others offer heirloom products to create tangible memories for your family. I love offering printed products, as it takes another chore off of my clients’ plates. I know how hard it is to find the time to create family albums, choose frames, etc – so I make that process simple and quick for my clients with my custom design and framing services.

  4. Client Experience: Are you chatting with your photographer, planning an experience that is personalized to your family/situation? Is your photographer able to coordinate hair and makeup for you? Are they providing coffee, water and snacks? Do they offer a comfortable, clean environment for your session? Do they have a professional or commercial studio space? Find an artist and business that serves your family in all of these ways!

  5. Vibe: Alright, this one is a little bit subjective – but do you click? Do you get along? You want to find a photographer who you feel comfortable with. Creating authentic family memories requires a level of comfort that may not be achieved with just anyone. Find someone who is experienced in the type of photography that you are looking for, and email or chat with them to make sure you hit it off.

These are all of the most important considerations I suggest taking into account when selecting your photographer for maternity, newborn, or family portrait sessions. Always ask your photographer any questions you may have! And as always, I am here to help in any way I can.

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